What is your drivetrain, and what type of drivetrain should you go for? In this post, we’ll consult with our Volkswagen parts experts and answer one of our Van Horn Volkswagen of Sheboygan dealers’ most common questions.

The drivetrain is essentially the system of parts that provides power from your engine to your wheels. It’s a complex arrangement that isn’t too easy to change and can dramatically affect the nature of your vehicle. In the Volkswagen family lineup, you’ll likely have three choices to choose from: front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drivetrains. While each of these types is very different from one another, none of them are technically superior.

Front-wheel and rear-wheel-drive vehicles are for the most part very similar. As the name implies, these are vehicles that deliver power from the engine to either the front or rear wheels. While rear-wheel drive is better for towing, the average driver will find a satisfying driving experience regardless of which drivetrain they choose.

Where things truly differ is when you get into all-wheel-drivetrains. An all-wheel-drivetrain is essentially a system that delivers power to all four wheels simultaneously. These drivetrains can vary dramatically from car to car, however, they all provide superior traction and control than their simple two-wheel counterparts. All-wheel drivetrains are a great fit for any driver who lives in places like Milwaukee, as winter weather conditions make the road rather treacherous, and the more traction you can get from your wheels the better.

If you’re still unsure of which drivetrain to look for, our auto experts at Van Horn Volkswagen of Sheboygan are more than capable of pointing you in the right direction. There may be a number of Volkswagen dealerships out there, but few can promise a car buying and servicing experience quite as we do.