You may have heard it before, but you should never skip an oil change. Our Volkswagen service team are huge advocates for maintaining a regular vehicle service schedule, and that concern has helped make Van Horn Volkswagen of Sheboygan one of the most reputable dealerships in the Milwaukee area. But how exactly does motor oil contribute to your drive?

Well, motor oil is a fluid that is poured into your engine to ease up the internal friction between all of the intricate engine components. In the same breath, motor oil keeps engine heat down by reducing this friction, providing optimal engine performance. In the long term though, this motor oil ought to be replaced, as it can become grimy, reducing its effectiveness.

So, how does motor oil contribute to your driving experience? Well, for one, receiving a regular oil change can save your wallet. By changing out your motor oil every 5,000 miles or so, you can avoid serious mechanical hang-ups which can be expensive to repair. At the same time, clean motor oil can allow your engine to realize its full performance potential on the road, providing range-topping fuel efficiency, horsepower, and torque. If you go a truly long time without receiving an oil change you can also run the risk of your engine shutting down, which will likely cost a pretty penny to fix.

So, all of these factors combine make motor oil one of the most influential motor fluids in your vehicle, and you can get it changed and inspected today at our VW dealership. Van Horn Volkswagen of Sheboygan is far more than a place for you to buy a car, it is a place where you can make all of your automotive dreams and goals a vivid reality.