While Volkswagen models have earned a reputation for being long-lasting and reliable, unfortunately, even our grade-A vehicles don’t last forever. When drivers visit us at Van Horn Volkswagen of Sheboygan with high mileage on their odometer, they’re often concerned about long-term performance. Fortunately, the truth of the matter is, while some things may change, a good portion of your drive is likely to stay the same.

Some drivers find the 100,000-mile mark to be a sad time in a car’s life, as crucial components like the transmission or timing belts begin to reach their last leg. While 100,000 miles worth of wear and tear does add up, it is not the end for your vehicle, not in the slightest.

After your 100,000-mile service check, maintaining your vehicle often stays relatively the same. Although, you’ll likely need to invest in high-mileage motor oil. High-mileage motor oil is far more lubricating than the standard grade and does an excellent job at reducing grime and friction. At the same time, it’ll become more important than ever to stay on top of your regular motor oil changes.

Another thing you should keep a close eye on is your transmission. Your transmission is a central component to your vehicle, and after 100,000 miles can risk breaking down. Replacing a transmission can be expensive, fortunately, you can avoid this expensive repair job by replacing your transmission fluid, and making sure to get your entire transmission checked regularly.

Of course, we recommend that all drivers who own cars with over 100,000 miles receive assistance from a trained technical expert, and you’ll find just that in our Volkswagen parts center. At Van Horn Volkswagen of Sheboygan, we can be your primary source for all of your maintenance needs, no matter what your odometer says.