The busy back to school season is fast approaching us in Sheboygan, WI and you need a vehicle that can help you with all your back to school needs. The back to school season is different for everyone, and everyone has unique needs. From shopping for back to school supplies to packing up and getting ready to head off to college, not everyone needs the same type of vehicle. Luckily, here at Van Horn Volkswagen of Sheboygan, we can help.


If you’re looking to start your back to school process, now is a great time. That’s because here at your Sheboygan Volkswagen dealership, we’re offering an exclusive 90-day test drive. We know that purchasing a new vehicle is no small decision, and sometimes a ride around the block isn’t enough to get an authentic feel for a car. That’s why we’re offering drivers the chance to take a potential new vehicle for a 90-day test drive. After the 90-days, you can choose to purchase your vehicle or return it with no additional commitment.


We’ve got a fantastic selection of new 2019 models perfect for all your back to school needs. Whether you’re looking for a 2019 Volkswagen Jetta to take to college or a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas to drive the kids to school, we can help you find your perfect match.


In addition to new models, we’ve also got a wide selection of used and certified pre-owned models. We know that college and high school students aren’t always in the market for a new model. If you’re looking to save even more, we also have vehicles for under $10,000 and vehicles under $5,000. Visit us today to find your back to school car.